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  • draught animal — noun A strong working animal used to draw a load(ed cart), a plow etc., as opposed to a mount See Also: draught horse …   Wiktionary

  • draught animal — n. working animal, semi tamed animal used to do work …   English contemporary dictionary

  • draught — [[t]drɑ͟ːft, dræ̱ft[/t]] draughts (in AM, use draft) 1) N COUNT A draught is a current of air that comes into a place in an undesirable way. Block draughts around doors and windows... On a cold day there can be quite a draught from the letterbox …   English dictionary

  • draught — draught1 [dra:ft US dræft] n BrE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(air)¦ 2¦(beer)¦ 3¦(game)¦ 4¦(medicine)¦ 5¦(ship)¦ 6¦(swallow)¦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [Date: 1100 1200; : Old English; Origin: dragan to pull ; DRAW1 …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • draught — 1 BrE, draft AmE noun (C) 1 COLD AIR a current of cold air flowing through a room: Shut the window there s a draught in here! 2 GAME draughts (plural) BrE a) a game played by two people, each with 12 round pieces, on a board of 64 squares;… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • draught — I UK [drɑːft] / US [dræft] noun [countable] Word forms draught : singular draught plural draughts * 1) cold air that blows into a room and makes you feel uncomfortable 2) British any one of the small round pieces used in the game of draughts. The …   English dictionary

  • Animal-powered transport — is a broad category of the human use of non human working animals (also known as beasts of burden ) for the movement of people and goods. Humans may ride some of the larger of these animals directly, use them as pack animals for carrying goods,… …   Wikipedia

  • draught — (US draft) ► NOUN 1) a current of cool air in a room or confined space. 2) a single act of drinking or inhaling. 3) literary or archaic a quantity of a liquid with medicinal properties: a sleeping draught. 4) the depth of water needed to float a… …   English terms dictionary

  • Animal traction — refers to the use of draft animals (also draught animals) to provide motive power for vehicles or machinery. It is believed to be the first significant non human source of power.The earliest uses of domestic animals were for meat and direct… …   Wikipedia

  • Animal Welfare Board of India — The Animal Welfare Board of India, the first of its kind Animal welfare organization to be established by any Government in the world, was set up in 1962, in accordance with Section 4 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Acts 1960 (No.59 of… …   Wikipedia

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